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In order to vote in any election, you must first be a registeded voter. If you are not sure of your status as a voter you can check you status here.
Registering to vote allows you to participate in the electoral process and gives you the power to make a difference in deciding who will serve in elected office.

Find out more information on the current elections; who's representing you, who's running for office, and where to vote. Stay informed and get the most up-to-date information and results for the current elections.
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Our mission is to ensure the integrity of every vote cast in Robertson County by administering election laws and procedures equally and fairly to all, by providing the most efficient, accurate and secure election process possible, and, in all our endeavors, exceeding the expectations of the voters, taxpayers and citizens of Robertson County in accountability and competence.


To register to vote,  you may print out a voter registration form by going to the <Tennessee's election process> and either mail or hand deliver the completed form to the Robertson County Election Office. (See below for address)  This link will also provide you with helpful information concerning the voting laws in Tennessee.

A voter registration form must be received in the Election Office or postmarked by the deadline for registering to vote before an Election. (30th day before an election)

You may also register to vote in-person at the Election Commission Office. You must provide identification and show proof of residency in Robertson County, TN.  Your voter registration card will be mailed to you if you do not have proof of residency at time of registering to vote.  All deadlines apply for in-person voter registration.

Cathy Hamsley, Administrator of Elections 
513 S. Brown Street
Robertson Co Office Bldg, Room 137 
Springfield, TN 37172-2941
Phone: (615) 384-5592  Fax: (615) 382-3122
Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM (Open Saturday's and extended hours during Early Voting Only)         
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The Robertson County Election Commission meets the second Tuesday of each month at 4:30 PM in the Robertson County Election Commission Office, 513 South Brown St., Springfield, TN.

This office (1) receives, processes and maintains all voter records after verifying and confirming address of voter and the purging of voters as required by Federal law; (2) maintains maps of County showing County Commission districts, Highway districts, school board districts, congressional/house districts, city wards; (3) assists County Commission in establishing voting district lines, establishes precinct lines, maintains road index of all county roads with assistance from 911 Addressing to update names and numbering of county roads; (4) conducts all city, county, state and federal elections.

The Administrator of Elections keeps voter registration records, maintains voting histories for each voter, and provides information concerning voter registration, elections, absentee voting, campaigns, and campaign financial disclosures. The Administrator of Elections also qualifies prospective candidates who run for office, in charge of voting equipment along with trained and qualified voting machine technicians from each politcal party, and appoints and trains poll officials.

If you are interested in serving your community as a Precinct Official on Election Day, please call the Election Office for more information. (615) 384-5592

To learn more about Registering to Vote, Current Voter Registration, Current Voter Status, Address/Name Changes, Absentee Voting, or Military/Overseas Voting.
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